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Bespoke Will Writing Service

Our Al Yusra and Sterling Wills cover the majority of Will requirements. Yet, from time to time, things fall outside of the boundaries of a usual Will such as health, welfare, and care needs. With this in mind, you may require the writing of a bespoke Will. Our team of legal experts can carry out this service for you.

Our lawyers offer both Islamic and non-Islamic Wills, and you can choose a lawyer from our panel that best suits your needs and location.

You may wish to cover the complexities of medical provision for an ongoing health issue. Provide additional protection for your partner after your death, allowing them to remain in a property.


Power of Attorney – Lasting Power of Attorney

Suppose you are unable to make decisions for yourself due to mental or physical incapacity; In that case, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to appoint someone you trust, to carry out your wishes.

Having an LPA in place puts you in control of affairs, allowing you to decide precisely how much authority your Attorney would have. And whether you want to impose any limitations.

There are two types of lasting power of Attorney. They are:

Property and Financial Affairs

Allows you to nominate people you trust to make crucial decisions on your behalf in the future. It also gives your Attorney the authority to deal with buying and selling your property, your bills, bank accounts, financial assets, pensions, and even investments.

Personal Health and Welfare

This type of LPA comes into effect when you have lost capacity and are not able to make decisions for yourself. It covers all aspects of your healthcare and personal welfare. Including controlling where you may live, medical administration, and life-sustaining treatment, should you require care.

You can choose to make one type of Power of Attorney or both.

How to choose your attorney

The role of Attorney involves a great deal of power and responsibility. Therefore it is essential to think carefully about who you choose. You must be able to trust them to make decisions in your best interests. Also, you can choose to have between one and nine attorneys. You can also appoint a replacement attorney who can step in if your existing Attorney is no longer able to act for you. Besides, your Attorney can be anyone 18 or over, for example:

  • your husband, wife or partner
  • a relative
  • a friend
  • a professional

For further information, please speak to a member of our legal team will be happy to discuss your bespoke needs.

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