Anti-fraud Security

Anti-fraud Security Feature

Anti-fraud security

Once you have purchased a Will, we have added an optional stage after checkout. A unique code is generated on the platform, and you have the choice to have this code and your photo added to the witness page of the Will.

Just follow the simple guided process, write the code onto a piece of paper. Use the camera on your phone, tablet, or desktop to take a photo holding the code. Then upload it to the Create Wills platform.

You can then crop the image or upload a replacement image should you wish. Once you are happy, the image is embedded into the witness page of the Will. Giving you an added level of security for your witnesses and executors that the person named on the Will has also provided photographic evidence as to their identity. You are removing the opportunity for identity theft. This feature is available for both the Islamic Al Yusra and the Standard Sterling Wills.

Anti-fraud security is a unique feature found only on Createwills’ platform.

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