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VSure Life is founded by 9 ordinary individuals with a bold ambition to serve South-East Asia’s communities with insurance protection they truly deserve.
 We envision to be leading Digital Lifestyle Risk Partner & Insurer of South East Asia. We are on the mission to provide
 people with access to affordable insurance on-demand & lifestyles protection in a simple & innovative way enabling social-economic empowerment, adequate protection and financial identity.

VSure.Life Mobile App is the 1st On-Demand Lifestyle Insurance in South East Asia. Easiest and most convenient way to get protected for your active lifestyle. Fast and easy process, gives you the Peace of Mind & Take Control of what you buy.

You Only Pay What You Use. is South East Asia’s first On-Demand Lifestyle Digital Insurance for all types of protection. We have partnered with reputable insurers, in providing affordable insurance plans covering your lifestyle needs. Our mobile application is specifically designed for easy on-boarding, viewing of insurance products, price look-up, viewing of the insurance benefits and coverage, making payment and keeping a history of your purchases.

VSure’s PA Insurance Benefit

BenefitsSum Insured (RM)
Accidental Death10,000.00
Permanent Disablement (Short Scale)10,000.00
Accidental Medical Expenses (subject to an excess of RM50 on each and every eligible claim)250.00
Accidental Daily Hospital Income (per day up to maximum of 30 days)25 per day

VSure’s Permanent Disablement Short Scale Table

ItemDescription of Disablement Percentage of the Sum Insured Payable Scale
1Permanent total disablement100%
2Loss of limb100%
3Total loss of sight of one eye or both eyes100%
4Total paralysis100%
5Complete and incurable insanity100%
6Loss of hand at or above the wrist100%
7Loss of foot at or above the ankle100%

Life Insurance from FiLife

Leave behind a Financial Legacy for your Family

Support Your Family Immediately with Life Insurance

Your family deserves to be free of financial worry should you pass on. They should also have access to immediate cash to tide them over while the process of estate administration is going on. Why not buy life insurance to achieve both these objectives?

With life insurance, you can:

1. Provide for a sum of up to RM1 million to support your family in your absence

2. Expect your family’s claim to be paid within 14 days upon the presentment of a valid death certificate

3. Nominate: Nominate your beneficiaries and their each individual share of your life insurance proceeds

Best of all, life insurance does not have to be expensive at all. Have a look by getting a quote from Fi Life.

About Fi Life

Fi Life operates Malaysia’s first online platform for life insurance. With the aim of helping people provide for their loved ones, their insurance policies offer coverage of up to RM 1 million but with affordable premiums. All Fi Life policies are underwritten by Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia so you can trust them with your life.  Learn more

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Createwills teamed up with Fi Life to help you leave a financial legacy for your loved ones. Get a quote from Fi Life and use the code FIWILLS when you sign up, to get a 20% rebate on your first year premium. This promotion is valid for all new Fi Life customers.

100% Legal

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