Faraid Algorithm

Faraid Algorithm

Faraid Algorithm

Createwills, cutting-edge solutions. For all Sharia wills, we have a built-in Faraid Algorithm, add the details of your family and beneficiaries, and the platform will automatically calculate the percentages.

You can even add additional beneficiaries to the will, who may not naturally inherit, such as unofficially adopted children, people you have taken into your home and relationship types not represented.

Our unique Faraid algorithm calculates the exact percentages as specified in the Quran.

The calculations are allocated as specified in the Holy Quran in Sura verse An Nisa 7-14.

Guides are available as to the amounts allocated; you can also choose to have the Faraid calculations automatically added to the final Will output or manually added by the local Faraid council or Lawyer.

Our Faraid Algorithm is a unique feature found only on the Createwills platform.

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